Welcome to the new and improved members' area. Here you will find exciting new features such as the ability to see a live rota showing where and when you are scheduled to serve, access to the latest sermons and a members' directory allowing you to search for members in the church, and more will be coming soon.

We will be providing information on how to use all these exciting features to your Core Group leaders so that you can get the most out of them. We hope that this new members' area will be much more useful to you and that it will make life easier by allowing you to see more information and interact with the church more. You can even securely link this to your Facebook or Google+ account allowing you to sign in automatically using those details. Please rest assured, your information is extremely secure and you are in control over what you would like to be visible through the members' directory.

If you have any difficulties accessing anything in this members' area, please email members@compasschurch.co.uk and someone will get back to you with some help. Otherwise, enjoy!

God Bless

Paul and Karen